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Anna-Wili Highfield

Though Anna-Wili Highfield’s paper animal figures have received praise from the design community, and have been exhibited worldwide, her work is just too beautiful and timeless to not revisit.

Based in Australia, Highfield worked for two years as a scenic artist for the Sydney Opera House. From the humblest of materials, she sculpts taxidermy-style animals, typically in paper, which she paints and then sews to create the form. She also makes larger scale, copper pipe-based sculpture.

The lightness and subtlety of Highfield’s work is remarkable, while the natural animal postures suggest life in every way.

Recycled Metal Wind Chimes by Irona

These elegant, but rustic recycled metal wind chimes are made by Irona, part of a collective of Utah-based artist families. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and rope lengths, the chimes are attractive as an addition to a garden, or simply hanging from an old tree’s branch. Each size and shape offers a different depth of ring, and with age and exposure, the metal will patinate beautifully.

Available online at the Irona Etsy Shop

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