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Sock Subscription by Pharmacie


Socks by Pharmacie

Socks by Pharmacie

While it seems like there is a subscription service for just about everything these days, Paris-based Pharmacie, a monthly sock delivery service, sets itself apart with both excellent branding and superior quality product.

Constructed in Northern Italy by a father, son, and grandson-run operation that uses traditional methods employing the finest yarns, hand-linked toes, and dedication to all aspects of quality during production: the socks aren’t just the product of a good factory, but considered the family’s badge of honor. Sure, socks that look decent can be produced much easier and cheaper, but with a sincere dedication to quality distinction, their construction is never off-shored or shortcutted.

Pharmacie’s sock patterns are sophisticated, but not entirely dry, and the unknown makes for a good surprise come the beginning of each month.

Subscription rates from £20 per pair for three months, to £18 for twelve months.

More at: Pharmacie

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