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Salt Ponds by Julieanne Kost

Salt Ponds by Julieanne Kost

Salt Ponds by Julieanne Kost

Salt Ponds by Julieanne Kost

A series of shallow salt evaporation ponds designed to produce salt from sea water or brine are situated just south of San Francisco; water is fed into these ponds and drawn out through natural evaporation, which allows for a harvest of five to eight inches of salt per pond.

The most unusual aspect of this process is the coloration that occurs naturally as a result of microorganisms thriving as salinity levels increase. The specific colors indicate salt content as well as the type of microorganism breeding within, and during the waters evolution, which can take up to five years, the microorganisms shift color alongside the water’s organic changes.

The existence of these organisms and algae make for more than an exciting and strange color show, but a rich ecosystem, supporting millions of shorebirds, waterfowl, and other wildlife, whilst regulating water conditions to develop higher quality salts.

This curiosity of nature has been artfully captured by photographer Julieanne Kost during a decidedly purple period, illustrating not only the surprising colors, but the striking geographic orientation of the ponds.

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