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Minimod by MAPA Architects

MINIMOD is an intelligent and sustainable prefab unit designed by MAPA Architects of Brazil. The benefits of this type of factory-built dwelling can, in many ways, trump the hassle of building onsite, from decreased waste and less impact to the immediate landscape, to predetermined costs and construction time. The MINIMOD’s size, at 32 feet in length, is similar to that of a shipping container, meaning it can be easily transported using standardized trucks and lorries.

The lightweight steel frame is enclosed by walls of marine-grade plywood and glass; MAPA partner Silvio Machado envisions MINIMOD in many formats: a compact retreat, portable showroom, or even components of a modular hotel.

With an interior of just 290 square feet, no space is wasted in the single-wall layout: a central kitchen and living area, sleeping area at one end, bathroom at the other. Glass walls are at each end, and an innovative folding shutter system can also serve as a canopy above the sliding glass door.

MINIMOD’s eco-friendly design includes LED lighting, the use of intelligent materials, and a living green roof (accessible by a mobile exterior staircase), that not only insulates and provides additional recreation space, but employs a rainwater harvesting system.

MAPA is planning to make MINIMOD available this year, with a price estimated around $45,000.

More at: MAPA Architects
Photos by: Leonardo Finotti

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