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Human Nature by Lucas Foglia

Human Nature by Lucas FogliaLava Boat Tour, Hawai’i. © Lucas Foglia.

Human Nature by Lucas FogliaMatt Swinging between Trees, Lost Coast, California. © Lucas Foglia.

Human Nature by Lucas FogliaNew Crop Varieties for Extreme Weather, Geneva Greenhouses, New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, New York. © Lucas Foglia.

Human Nature by Lucas FogliaTroy Holding a Guinea Fowl Chick, GreenHouse Program, Rikers Island Jail Complex, New York. © Lucas Foglia.

Human Nature by Lucas FogliaGas station, Wyoming. © Lucas Foglia,

Photographer Lucas Foglia studies the relationship between man and nature with his collection of images, Human Nature, published in book form by Nazraeli Press. Foglia grew up on a farm east of New York City; as a result of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, the farm saw terrible destruction, leading Foglia to explore climate change and the importance of the human to land relationship through his photography.

The average American spends 93% of their lifetime indoors; Foglia captures the human connection to nature, as well as governmental and science programs that either connect humans to the land, or gauge how connected we really are, important programs that are at grave risk, considering cuts and control from the Trump administration. The collection of visual examples of human and natural world interactions, from city to untouched wilderness, many unexpected, is a reminder of the changing times, both distressing and encouraging.

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