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Liminal Spaces: The Photography of Jurek Wajdowicz

Jurek Wajdowicz, Liminal Spaces

Liminal Spaces, a collection of photographer Jurek Wajdowicz’s minimalist, abstract images, is quite the book. The oversized publication, produced by Lars Müller, lends itself to the photographer’s work, and the heavy, matte paper stock beautifully carries the depth of (or often lack of) color Wajdowicz uses to envelope viewers.

Surprisingly, the artist has only been exploring fine art photography for the past few years, but his experience and long career as a leading international graphic artist has clearly informed his grasp of visual impact as it relates to emotion.

Jurek Wajdowicz, Liminal Spaces

Jurek Wajdowicz, Liminal Spaces

$80, available at Lars Müller Publishers.

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