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Sheds Series by Filip Dujardin

Filip Dujardin is a Belgian photographer who is perhaps best known for his Fictions series, a visual materialization of architecturally impossible structures he created by combining and manipulating photographs of mostly already existing buildings. Though selections from this series have been floating around the internet for some time, Dujardin’s images are certainly worth reexamining, as his ability to blend the line between surrealism and extreme clarity is remarkable, putting the brain to work, trying to comprehend reason and function.

My favorite of Dujardin’s work, so far, is his more recent Sheds series. Traveling the Flemish countryside, he photographed self-made structures, as he describes, “architecture not built by architects.” These “sheds,” made mostly of leftover farm materials, are captured in such a way that they echo the inexplicable quality of Fictions.

More at: Filip Dujardin

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