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Visible Distance / Second Sight by Jennifer Bolande

Visible Distance / Second Sight by Jennifer Bolande

As part of Desert X, the exhibition of site-specific works by various artists (from which you’ve probably seen images of the very popular Mirage, the mirror-covered house by Doug Aitken) in the Coachella Valley of California, Jennifer Bolande’s contribution Visible Distance / Second Sight, is a clever commentary on advertising and distraction. A series of standard, full-size billboards along the Gene Autry Trail, meant to be experienced from a moving car, feature photographs of the surrounding mountains, positioned in a way that at approach, can appear to align with the natural horizon. The Visible Distance / Second Sight series references the advertising technique referred to as “Burma-Shave,” named after the shaving company of the same name that used sequential placement of signs to create messaging intended to be read from a moving vehicle. If you’ve traveled this route near Palm Springs, you are familiar with the very-present billboard advertising, which can easily distract from the scenery in which it is placed, Bolande uses this opportunity to point to the striking landscape itself. 

(Desert X runs through April 30, 2017.)

More at: Desert X
Photos: Lance Gerber

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