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Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide ’15

Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

1. Playtype Notepad, $9; 2. Playsam Mefistofel Racer, $60; 3. Rok Manual Espresso Maker, $200; 4. Strange Invisible Perfumes Musc Botanique, $285; 5. The School of Life Memento Mori Glass Paperweight, $40

Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

6. Far North Gustaf Navy Strength Gin, $50; 7. Magnus Nilsson: The Nordic Cookbook, $32; 8. Recomposed By Max Richter: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons, vinyl, $24; 9. Bella Freud 1970 Candle, $70; 10. Palomino Blackwing 602 Pencils, 12 pack, $22

An Aesthete’s Halloween

Halloween Guide

1. Fendi Monster Sweater, $700; 2. Death’s Door White Whisky, $30; 3. Byredo Apocalyptic Candle, $80; 4. Ghost Lamp by Shiro Kuramata, $5,800; 5. Kenzo Eye Print Slip-On, $210

Halloween Guide

6. Armani Eyes To Kill Eye Pencil, $28; 7. Black Rock Candy Sticks, $15 for 18 pieces; 8. The Row Respo Cape Coat, $3950; 9. Comme des Garçons Wallet, $175; 10. 1970s Brutalist Spider Lamp, $2250

Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

2015 Valentine Gift Guide

Sure, Valentine’s Day is a consumerism-based spectacle that we should all forfeit, but in lieu of disposable, heart-shaped drugstore purchases, a thoughtful gift: be it a lavish candle or a simple home-cooked dinner, should be met with welcome by any lover (or your loveless self).

Here are some ideas that will not disappoint; and if you enjoy spending time in the kitchen, head over to Saveur for a great guide to Valentine’s Day cooking, from breakfast in bed to romantic cocktails.

As for flowers, we’ll talk about that tomorrow . . . 

1. Eating with the Chefs, $60; 2. Nikka Whisky, $40; 3. Fred’s Peppered Peanuts, $38;
4. Japanese Folding Knife, $28; 5. Balmain Silk Hair Perfume, $40; 6. Rodin Lip Balm, $34;
7. Byredo Loveless Candle, $80

A Tale of Plant & Pot: Kohei Oda and Adam Silverman


Oda X Silverman at Chariots on Fire

If you’re in the Los Angeles area this week, be sure to swing by creative studio and boutique Chariots on Fire, in Venice, where a collaboration between plant artist Kohei Oda and LA-based potter Adam Silverman is on display. A Tale of Plant & Pot is a creative collaboration that involves Oda’s full-of-personality specimens aptly complementing Silverman’s ceramic vessels, which take beautiful, unexpected forms and feature peculiar glazing. This exploration of the relationship between plant and pot also serves as a visual conversation between two artists: a potter and a horticulturalist.

Adam Silverman, LA Studio Director at Heath Ceramics, is an acclaimed potter and former architect. His work has been exhibited extensively in the US and Japan, where he has a dedicated following.

At Kohei Oda’s studio in Hiroshima, he composes many of his living sculptures through the practice of tissue grafting, a process that brings two pieces of plant together to grow singularly; the technique is not only an experiment in horticulture, but many of the pieces are salvaged from plants that would be considered imperfect or damaged.

A Tale of Plant & Pot runs through May 7  (extended from May 1) at Chariots on Fire, 1342 1/2 Abbot Kinney.

More at: Chariots on FireKohei OdaAdam Silverman
Images: Chariots on Fire

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