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Established in 1869, near Venice, Italy, Acca Kappa has built a reputation for fine Italian quality and dedication to simple, but luxurious product. Originally focused on the production of hair brushes and accessories (of which Acca Kappa is still renowned), the brand has developed a full line of bath and body product, as well as dental amenities. With a distinguished history, from royals to luxury hotels, Acca Kappa does not need to rely on any modern gimmicks or trends. Still in the family’s hands, Acca Kappa is presided by Ms. Elisa Gera, the great-great-granddaughter of the original founder, and the company’s products are still being made in Italy.

One of Acca Kappa’s primary draws is stately, simple packaging design, the ultimate representation of what is inside.

My favorite of Acca Kappa’s catalog is their Muschio Bianco (White Moss) line. Based in two of the most lauded Mediterranean plants: lavender and juniper, White Moss reads as warm and clean, with a subtle sillage, and no cloying soap smell, suited to both men and women. Also worth noting are their top-notch men’s shaving accessories – finished in chrome and badger bristle, and elegantly fitted with White Moss shave soap.

The commonality that runs through all of Acca Kappa’s product is that simplicity and integrity reign; from best-quality botanical ingredients, to the subtle impartation of fragrance in their products, everything translates as minimal, without being linear.

Above: Muschio Bianco Aqua di Colonia, $60; Ivory Shave Set, $225
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