Air Plant Supply Co.

Air Plant Supply Co.

Air Plant Supply Co. is a Florida-based online purveyor of air plants. Also known as Tillandisia, air plants have become the go-to accessory for modern interiors, due to their easy maintenance and the quiet exoticism they evoke through unusual forms and their epiphytic manner of living without soil. Air Plant Supply Co. sells a wide, but well-curated selection of plants, including rare varieties.

It isn’t hard to find air plants on the internet, but a cleanly designed, easy to navigate site makes the process much more pleasant. The shipping is prompt, and each plant is individually wrapped in tissue paper with a sticker to identify the variety.

The website also gives straightforward advice concerning the care of plants they offer, which typically prefer moderate light and a weekly soaking.

Above, clockwise from top left: Arhiza, $8; Concolor Strepto, $18; Butzii, $4; Xerographica, $18; Houston, $10

More at: Air Plant Supply Co.

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