Bellocq Tea

Bellocq Tea Atelier

An appreciation for best-quality tea, artisan craftsmanship, and a shared aesthetic vision resulted in tea “atelier” Bellocq. Founded by Heidi Johannsen Stewart, Michael Shannon, and Scott Stewart, the trio shares a history of creative credentials, from product design and editorial work at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, to work with fabrication firm SAAW.

In addition to the finest of pure teas, Bellocq offers their evocative, bespoke blends; from Charleston (a black tea created for and inspired by the country residence of Bloomsbury artists Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant), to The White Wolf (a studied mélange of white peony, cedar, juniper, and mint), their evolving collection aims to satisfy both traditionalists and the sophisticated tea explorer.

Considered design choices in regard to packaging and brand image, from handsome metal caddies, to lush photography, make it obvious that Bellocq’s dedication to quality extends beyond their tea. This approach serves as a reminder that a very simple preparation can be one of unflawed elegance.

Bellocq teas are available at the Bellocq Atelier in Brooklyn (open Fridays and Saturdays), at several stockists both domestically and internationally, as well as online at

Above: “Twelve Months of Bellocq,” $390
Photo: Anna Williams

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