Esque Studio

Esque Studio

Esque studio is a working collaboration between artists Andi Kovel and Justin Parker. After meeting at Urban Glass in Brooklyn, the partnership led to their own studio, wherein they design and produce sometimes unconventional, but very functional pieces in glass. Now based in Portland, Oregon, Esque has been named part of Time Magazine’s “Design 100,” specifically regarding their commitment to ecologically responsible business. Esque relies on wind-power for their electric furnaces, and their excess glass is, of course, recycled.

Justin Parker is a through-and-through glass expert. Known for his larger-than-life organic and sculptural works, Justin apprenticed under Italian glass master teachers, focusing on sculpture and blown forms. His innovative approach utilizes his thorough skill set, melded with experimental advances in the craft.

In addition to blowing glass, Andi Kovel is recognized as a distinguished accessory designer and fine artist. Her background spans many medias, including glass design for Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren. This history allows her to bring an outside approach to glass work, resulting in non-traditional techniques and inventive forms.

The ability to convey emotion through form is what sets Esque apart. The melding of artisan craft and unexpected form results in original, gorgeous pieces. Because of the material, these objects exhibit a sort of permanence that allows them to surpass trends or pre-conceived standards for glass work.

My favorite Esque pieces, clockwise from top left: Blessed Lamp, $448; Blasfemur Desk Light, $1792; Aqua Infant Watering Globes, $224; Mercury Drip Light, $1064; Beaker-Esque, $1232-$1900

More at: Esque Shop

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