James Modern Terrariums

James Modern Terrariums

By carefully considering vessel, arrangement, and habitats parallel to those found in nature, Jeffrey Schneider of James Modern Terrariums has artfully re-envisioned the terrarium. This exacting attention to detail not only provides a more stable living environment for the plants, but an undeniably elegant, modern piece of home decor. Jeffrey’s works are not simply a collection of pretty plants under glass, but a carefully executed arrangement, employing the Taoist principles of proportion and scale.

James Modern’s ‘Bespoke’ terrariums are collaboratively designed with each client, and consist of plantings in one-of-a-kind, biomorphic hand-blown vessels. The ‘Ready-Made’ collection features edited compositions that are both chic and low maintenance.

Jeffrey’s history in fashion art direction, and a love of plants (his parents were passionate gardeners, and he grew up collecting his own specimens), feed both his aesthetic and method. This commitment to perfection elevates the terrarium to an artful object with the charm of a peaceful micro-landscape.

James Modern Bespoke terrariums start around $500, Ready-Made terrariums around $100. Delivery/Pick-up is available in New York City. Terrarium components can also be shipped with detailed planting instructions.

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