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Keeping A Fire

Keeping a Fire

It is that time of year to keep a fire, if you have a place to keep one, that is.

Be it built-in, enameled Scandinavian freestanding, or a classic wood stove, having the correct tools is essential; here are a few that don’t forgo style for practicality. And, if you are a city dweller with no option for a fire, in lieu of the all-too-common “fire-scented” (read Feu de Bois) candles, try something exceptional: perhaps the smoldering, resinous “Encens Olibanum” from Mad et Len, a fragrance developed in Grasse, using undiluted flowers, woods, spices, and house-aged essential oils, poured into a blackened iron vessel that was hand-forged by one of the town’s local blacksmiths.

1. Best Made Japanese Axe, $174; 2. Tsubota Queue Metal Stick Lighter, $36; 3. Mad et Len “Encens Olibanum” Candle, $135; 4. Fatwood Kindling Fire Starter, $38; 5. Vintage Modernist Fire Tools, $1500; 6. 1940s Bronze Cactus Andirons, $1500

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