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Megaphone by en&is

The en&is Megaphone is a passive amplifier for the iPhone that works in a fashion similar to that of the horn on a traditional phonograph. The hand-sculpted ceramic form is made in the Italian town of Nove, famous for its local network of ceramic industries, and it sits on a thin, Italian walnut frame, which helps to increase vibration and maximize the emission of sound.

Initially, when using the Megaphone, I was a little concerned about its ability to project, but soon realized that too much was being expecting from something so candidly engineered; the device is not intended as a dock replacement or hi-fi system, and you certainly won’t get big, booming sound from it, but you will get an evocative output that works to almost revert the iPhone’s electronic complexity into something nostalgic and mellow, lending itself especially well to non-remastered recordings of 1940s and classical music.

The Italian design firm that developed Megaphone, en&is, consists of Enrico Bosa and Isabella Lovero, both accomplished designers that have worked on large-scale interior projects, as well as home furniture and accessories, making the company a natural evolution of their creative synergy.

The en&is Megaphone works with most iPhone generations, but is obviously best suited to iPhone4 or 4s. It is available in white, black, or gold finish, and the price is just over $500, available at the en&is website.

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