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Monday Cups by Studio LileSadi & Siebring Zoetmulder

Monday Cups by Studio LileSadi

Monday Cups by Studio LileSadi

In collaboration with Siebring & Zoetmulder, Rotterdam-based Studio LileSadi have designed a collection of stackable ceramic cups for the Dutch interior brand Puik Art. 

Exploring architectural proportions and the golden ratio, as well as geometric elements used by the Memphis group, the Monday cup is thoughtfully executed, while still appearing restrained in design. A soft, tactile effect is created by blending the grey blue or cobalt pigments directly with liquid porcelain before being poured into the mold and finished, a contrast of matte exterior finish, and high gloss interior makes for a refined detail.

Founded in 2012 by the duo of Dinah Smutny and her sister Sarah, Studio LileSadi design products inspired by architecture and practicality; working closely with artisans and small businesses in the Netherlands, they subscribe to the highest craftsmanship to create timeless quality.

More at: Studio LileSadi

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