Bird Calls by Quelle est Belle

Bird Calls by Quelle est Belle

In a small workshop in France, these charming, accurate bird calls are produced by hand. Each has taken many years to develop, and is overseen by François Morel, a gentleman that has been making bird calls since he was a child, growing up in the mountains of Southern France.

Aside from communication tools of the oiseaux variety, the calls are quite beautiful; made from such materials as beech, maple, leather, and brass, they are a fine example of craft with integrity.

The instruments are sold individually, or in boxed sets, with minimal packaging of a sliding-top wooden box, with a simplified graphic of the intended bird at one end, and usage instructions inside (as some of the calls require a certain finesse). Calls are made for a wide variety of birds: European, Asian, and many native to North America.

Though these calls are toys, of sorts, they’re not intended for children, nor for hunters or the disturbance of nesting birds, as the company responsible for the calls, Quelle est Belle, clearly states on their website: “We retain the right to refuse to supply people who cannot fully guarantee their respect for nature,” and, inside the bird call packaging is a small note: “We have put our whole heart into the conception of our nature toys and we hope that those who handle them will use them to good intent.”

Quelle est Belle bird calls are available internationally via their website, or in the United States from Canoe (with a selection of American birds).

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