Rite in the Rain

Rite in the Rain

In the 1920s, Jerry Darling developed a paper that could withstand the moisture and wear and tear of logging in the Pacific Northwest. Since, Rite in the Rain paper has evolved into a full line of weatherproof journals, memo books, notebooks, and even paper for copy machines. These goods, which completely shed water and dirt, and can even be written on under water, have become a favorite of in-the-know outdoor enthusiasts and professionals around the world.

The line, made with wood-based, 100% recyclable paper, is still manufactured in Tacoma, Washington; additionally, the archival-grade paper is made to last several hundred years. The paper works best with a pencil or all-weather pen, and, to the touch, does not feel much different from regular writing paper.

Aside from being practical, Rite in the Rain journals are notably attractive, well-made, and include a (much appreciated by me) conversion chart in the back. You would be hard pressed to find a more purposeful gift for a gardener, camper, budding naturalist, or someone working in the field.

Shown: Journal Kit (includes Cordura cover, hardbound field book, and all-weather pen), $44.93

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