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Timepieces by Braun

Braun is most recognized among design aficionados as introducing German modern industrial design, based in minimalism and functionality, to the masses. In the mid-fifties, Braun created its first design department, headed by Dr. Fritz Eichler, who instituted a collaboration with the Ulm School of Design. Renowned consumer goods, such as the SK4 record player, propelled a young man named Dieter Rams to becoming the most influential designer at Braun (and one of the most important industrial designers of our time). Eventually holding the position as head of Braun’s design staff, Rams released a series of iconic, and entirely practical designs, many of which have found a permanent home at the Museum of Modern Art.

In 1971, Dieter Rams and Dietrich Lubs, for Braun, launched a series of travel alarm clocks and watches. Premised exclusively on function, and no-fuss design, the pieces became instantly recognizable.

A select few of these clocks and watches have been reissued by Braun, keeping with the high standards of quality and honest design, while also incorporating new designs that feel at home alongside the classics.

The fundamental principals of uninterrupted, ageless, and high-caliber industrial design are equally relevant today, and Braun’s timepieces serve as a reminder that well-thought, common materials, as well as an affordable price, do not make for design with less integrity.

Above: BN0032 Steel Band Watch, $225; BNC006 Wall Clock, $60; BNC002 Travel Alarm Clock, $25

More at: Braun Clocks

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