An Interview with Linda Rodin

Interview: Linda Rodin

Linda Rodin is one of the most distinguished stylists in the fashion industry, and her name is becoming equally revered in the beauty market. As a young adult, Rodin modeled in Italy, then returned to New York, where she tried her hand at photography, discovering she was better at dealing with the clothing and styling aspect of the craft. She proceeded to open the first boutique in SoHo (Linda Hopp, in 1979), serve as an editor at Harper’s Bazaar, build a prolific freelance styling career, and, most recently, launch the very successful Olio Lusso face oil and corresponding product line.

Possessing an innate style and natural beauty, Rodin avoids the mess of fleeting fashion trends, but still has her finger on the pulse of what is relevant. She has become her own best spokesperson. A collector of beautiful things, accomplished entrepreneur, and self-admitted aesthete, Rodin graciously agreed to answer a few questions for The Aesthetic Post.

There have been hints at a facial cleanser and hand cream, any updates on the future of the Olio Lusso line?

Rodin: The hand and body cream, CREMA, will be available November 15, at all of our retailers, and of course on our e-shop. The facial cleanser is in the works, and a perfume too.

You’ve traveled extensively, but you’re unmistakably New York. From your perspective, what is it about this great place?

Rodin: Sometimes I think I take New York, my home town, totally for granted, having lived here all my life. But then when I’m in a taxi from the airport, returning home, and I see the skyline, it’s always like for the first time: NYC – whew! home at last. What is great is the pace. I move quickly, and for me, of course the familiarity I have here is priceless and a short hand for my daily life. I have been living in the same apartment building for 32 years, and I feel safe and good here. And, of course, there is everything one could ever want, as far as culture and convenience. I do love Rome, as my second city though.

After years of styling, and your eye being an extension of your career, where do you stand on the debate of form over function?

Rodin: It depends totally on the seriousness of the ‘form’ over the ‘function’. I collect many, many different types of things, from shells, to sparkly vintage hat pins, to modern chairs, vases, etcetera. I must admit that I never ever think of function when I buy any of these things. The function is that they make me happy. However, for clothing, I do like to be comfortable, so I’ll put function over form, although I have many things that are both.

In a material context, because the purpose of The General Aesthete is to feature beautiful, smart design, what are some of your favorite examples of outstanding design?

Rodin: In fashion, I love Prada and all that they do. It is beautiful and smart, with a wink to the history of fashion, I love it. I am very old fashioned, and not a fan of new architecture. I would rather be in Rome or Paris or Prague, or any old, beautiful, untouched or renovated or restored city or town, than be in Beijing or Dubai. I love the past, I always have. As far as design, house wares and new great things that are well designed and useful, I will take a close look at. There are extraordinary things out there. I like Muji, all things Japanese, and anything Apple.

Olio Lusso

Olio Lusso at The General Aesthete

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