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La Colombe Torrefaction

In the mid-nineties, Todd Carmichael and Jean Philippe Iberti founded La Colombe Torrefaction. Based in Philadelphia, the company was built on an appreciation of European coffee roasting and culture, as well as an obligation to honest flavor and quality. They present a limited number of blends, and each speaks to their concern for superiority and appreciation of the bean. On top of six locations of their own (three in New York), La Colombe coffee is served in some of the city’s finest establishments, including Daniel, and Le Bernardin. Aside from their dedication to excellent coffee, the company ethics and earth consciousness are something to be admired, a fact they don’t use as a gimmick to sell coffee, but are proud to explain on their website or in store.

I blame La Colombe, single-handedly, for my renewed addiction to iced coffee. It is rich (with a boost of espresso added), but still has a hint of rawness I love and haven’t found elsewhere. Every New York coffee drinker has a go-to place for their idea of the perfect cup, and I’ll refrain from mentioning the complexities that drive patrons to loyalty. I, however, will accept any reason to go to SoHo, as long as it is agreed that I can run in La Colombe. The first time I visited this location, I watched, before my eyes, a discussion about Sol LeWitt evolve from being between two patrons, to nearly the entire place. It was love at first visit, and I hadn’t even tasted the coffee! The staff honors the craft of coffee making and presentation, but is still efficient, though not beyond recognizing regular customers.

Designer Douglas Takeshi Wolfe worked with Obra Architects and Pablo Castro to design the SoHo space, which is distinctly La Colombe: simple, and uncluttered. I appreciate not having to drink a nice cup of coffee from an oversized couch, surrounded by branded merchandise. Here, coffee is the focus.

La Colombe’s latest venture, Pure Black, is a heavy-strength bottled iced coffee. The grounds steep for sixteen hours, and it is bottled by hand in Philadelphia. This could get dangerous.

La Colombe’s beans are available for order at their website.

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  1. Andrew Jevremovic of Octo Studio in Philadelphia designed and made the beautiful tables and seating at La Colombe’s SoHo cafe. add_filter('jpeg_quality', function($arg){return 100;});
  2. was also impressed by this space, but don’t make it to soho enough. can’t believe i didn’t know there was a spot in tribeca! checking it out this week. add_filter('jpeg_quality', function($arg){return 100;});
  3. Love La Colombe! No extras here – just the best. add_filter('jpeg_quality', function($arg){return 100;});

  1. I blame La Colombe, single-handedly, for my renewed addiction to iced coffee. « La Colombe Torrefaction

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