Taza Chocolate Mexicano

Taza is a bean-to-bar chocolate maker, based in Somerville, Massachusetts, specializing in the centuries-old Mexican technique of chocolate making. Using hand-chiseled, Oaxacan stone mills called molinos, Taza produces its Chocolate Mexicano. Whereas most chocolate is refined with advanced steel machines, this traditional technique allows for pieces of cacao and crystals of sugar to remain in the finished chocolate, lending intense flavor, and a unique, rustic texture. All of Taza’s chocolate is roasted, winnowed, ground, tempered, and packaged in-house, by hand, at their small factory.

Complex flavor combinations, from guajillo chili, to salt and pepper, bring attention to the true and bright flavors of the cacao, in dark chocolate form. Taza has also formulated a natural flavoring extract that captures the intensity of cacao and the warm spice flavor their chocolate is known for, perfect for baking, or for use in a distinctive cocktail, imparting true chocolate flavor, not cloying supermarket sweetness.

Taza only uses organic and sustainably farmed ingredients to craft their chocolate, and also maintains relationships with their growers in the Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Mexico, and Belize, visiting and evaluating at least once a year, as well as paying a quality premium over the Fair Trade price.

“Artisan-crafted” chocolate can be found at every corner these days, but Taza has actually followed through with this very true-to-the-source interpretation, which is certainly worth trying.

Chocolate Mexicano discs ($4.50), and Mexicano Extract ($18) are available at Taza.

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