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Brad Biophotonic Skincare

Brad Hunter originally began formulating his namesake line of BRAD skin care products to counteract the harsh effects of air travel to the skin. Having a history with such major names in the industry as Estée Lauder, La Prairie, and Lancôme, Hunter knew what worked, and combining that experience with his interest and knowledge of the science behind skin care, resulted in a pared-down, to the point line of effective products.

Using a combination of natural components and advanced-light science, referred to as biophotonics, BRAD’s potent solutions implement bio-fermentation, as well as self-stimulating rays of violet light. By taking advantage of the known healing and regenerating powers of these ingredients, this scientific approach restores vitality to the skin via stimulation of the dermal cells, activating collagen and elastin networks.

The unisex line is sleekly packaged in special density Miron glass, which blocks the spectrum of visible light, allowing only violet rays that both protect and improve the quality of the solutions. Bio-fermentation increases the natural value of the ingredients, and allows them to be more readily absorbed and, in turn, more effective.

Scientific jargon aside, most products with this sort of aim come with wildly inflated claims and promises, but I’ve been nothing but impressed by the BRAD products I’ve used; and during a recent visit to Woodley and Bunny in Brooklyn, employees were raving about the line and subsequent miracles it induced. I am especially a fan of the Anti-Fatigue Mist ($65), a concentrated wake up for the face with ingredients such as colloidal silver, geranium, and camu camu berry. Also worth noting are the clinical strength Ultra Elastin ($195) and Ultra Elastin Lift ($210), both of which produce near-immediate restorative results. Because there is no heavy perfume or old-fashioned fillers, the products are both corrective and preventive, without feeling mis-prescribed for a person just starting to show early signs of aging, but shudders at the thought of heavy creams or wrinkle reducers.

BRAD products are available online, as well as at the BRAD Studio in Los Angeles.

Above: Sea Minerals Purify, $45; Universal Cleansing Gel, $55; Ultra Peel, $175

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