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Olio Lusso by Rodin

I’ve long been an advocate of proper men’s skin care. By skin care, I mean more than just standard grooming. The American man seems to be especially off-put by applying face products, but I believe things are changing for the better. The fact is that skin is important. Your skin is a major part of your appearance, and a man’s skin ages just the same as a woman’s. I see no shame in taking the time of day to ensure you are not only presentable, but keeping your body’s largest organ in good health. Of course, a healthy lifestyle is the most important factor in caring for your skin, but a few bottles and tubes can go a long way in keeping things in order. I’ve come to find that with routine comes result, but I’m always willing to try something new.

Unfortunately, the general market for men’s product tends to be saturated with excessively scented, ineffective product (refer to ingredient lists that consist mainly of chemical and filler). Luxury skin care and slowing the signs of aging are not fields limited to the ladies. Many labels have begun catering to the men’s market, and there is no doubt that the highest quality, most effective products are without gimmicky marketing campaigns.

There are several reviews and mentions of Olio Lusso online, but very few from a male perspective. My first job was working with essential oils, so I was excited to get my hands on this concoction. Olio Lusso is composed of eleven, highest-quality essential oils, all of which have beneficial qualities to the skin. It is to be used as a treatment/moisturizer, post-cleansing. I expect many people, especially younger, or with a troublesome complexion, may have a fear of applying oil directly to their skin. It needs to be understood that this application does not result in an “oil-slick” or greasy complexion. The use of oil actually works to balance excessive oil production, and leave your skin with a natural, dewy finish.

New York stylist Linda Rodin has been tinkering with natural oils for several years, concocting the ultimate blend. She offered her preparation to the models and makeup artists she worked with, and they raved. This led to a cult following and a limited roster of stores stocking Olio Lusso. Since, the buzz has built and Olio Lusso has become a full-fledged phenomenon. Though, this is not to be classified as just another trend. The underlying philosophy is simplicity, and Olio Lusso makes no exaggerated claims, or promises of results beyond belief. The success is based on an honest foundation of word-of-mouth and quality.

I’m a big fan of Dr. Hauschka’s Normalizing Day Oil, so I was not apprehensive about using an oil moisturizer. A very small amount (just a couple drops) goes a long way. After cleansing, while the face is still moist, the oil is patted onto the skin. I’ve been using the oil with a simple regimen of Dr. Haushka Cleansing Cream, and the results are noticeable. There is no doubt that this oil makes my skin glow, more so than any moisturizer I’ve used (even those formulated with caffeine, or other “energizing” ingredients). It is exciting to see immediate results, as men’s skin is especially apt to being dull looking. The finish exceeds other moisturizers I’ve used (even hours later), and the oil is a top-notch beard conditioner. There is a heavy, earthy scent, which dissipates after a few minutes; something I much prefer to a cheap chemical fragrance. Overall, I have nothing but praise for Olio Lusso. I’ve seen no adverse effects, and there is no doubt that it is active in both retaining moisture and benefiting my complexion. I’ll continue to use Olio Lusso, as, honestly, it beats all the rest. Since a bottle should go a very long way, the price is justified, and even amortized if you take into consideration how often you have to buy a standard moisturizer. On top of the fact that Olio Lusso actually works, the packaging is PERFECT.

Linda Rodin has expanded the line to include a body oil, lip balm, and hair oil (a collaboration with renowned hair stylist Bob Recine). I’m excited about the hair oil, as I like what Morrocanoil does, but am opposed to its cloying fragrance.

Rodin Olio Lusso is $140 for one fluid ounce, it can be purchased online at oliolusso.com, as well as at a limited selection of fine boutiques domestically. It is available internationally from select retailers, including Colette in Paris.

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  1. i have been secretly using department store skin stuff for years! i do not want to smell like cheap aftershave. interesting concept here.

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  2. Ordering to Sweden, can’t wait!

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