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Bringing Green Inside with Yard Etc.

Yard Etc. / photo by The Aesthetic Post

Yard Etc. / photo by The Aesthetic Post

This warm season, many city dwellers wont be afforded the opportunity to reap the benefits of working in the garden; from the meditative time spent with nature, to the responsibility of nurturing living things, the very act of gardening has been proven to improve quality of life, but isn’t an option for all of us. Be it houseplants, fresh-cut flowers and farmers’ market produce, or simply what you wash your hands with, perhaps bringing more “green” inside is the best way to stay summer sane.

Yard Etc. is a collection designed for garden enthusiasts, by garden enthusiasts in Sweden. The brand philosophy eschews gloves, and understands the true gardener’s desire to get their hands in the dirt (and make the cleanup process equally gratifying). With plant-based, effective formulations, from an outstanding green tomato hand soap to their reparative hand balm, Yard Etc.’s handsomely-packaged line covers all bases, whether you’re the gardener of estate grounds or a single succulent.

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