Port Magazine

Port Magazine

PORT is a recently launched men’s quarterly, that, in just three issues, has secured a solid spot amongst the best of highbrow publications, as well as a dedicated shelf in my collection. Influenced by sixties magazine style, PORT offers in-depth material presented in a very smart package. With thoroughly considered art direction, the magazine has accomplished a rare feat of coinciding its style and identity with the quality of its content. Though the approach may be old-school, or simple in format, it is a modern idea in relation to genre-similar publications, which seem to be in competition for how glossy, disposable, and pedestrian they can be. PORT shows restraint in all the right places, and it is clear that the team behind it have applied their backgrounds and design strengths to create a thoroughly polished final product.

PORT is not backed by a major publisher, allowing creative freedom in terms of content and opinion. The composition consists of a range of pieces, from essays and interviews, to short stories and perfectly arranged photography. Subjects, such as fashion, politics, technology, and the arts, cover the bases without reaching beyond the scope of reader’s interest. Contributors have included art critic Robert Hughes, Margaret Howell, Martin Amis, Daniel Day-Lewis, Jon Snow, and ex-Time editor Don Morrison, this collection speaks to the dignified voice PORT offers.

PORT is edited and art directed in London by Dan Crowe, Kuchar Swara, and Matt Willey.

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