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Wing Photographs by Linden Gledhill

Linden Gledhill

Linden Gledhill

Linden Gledhill

Linden Gledhill

Without more information, the subject of this series of photographs by Linden Gledhill appears unidentifiable: complex metallic patterning and petal-like structure. Amazingly, the trained biochemist has captured the unique and endlessly fascinating details of butterfly and moth wings with macro photography; these very-close shots reveal the intricate, fragile patterns of the insect’s surface scales. With a remarkable range of color and texture, the images are not only inspiring, but eye-opening to the symmetry and otherworldly details of nature we might otherwise take for granted.

More at: Linden Gledhill

Homes at Night by Todd Hido

San Francisco-based photographer Todd Hido’s Homes at Night series captures the often eery scene of light streaming from the inside of a house or apartment, framed in a noticeably lifeless scene. These long-exposure shots (on analog film) evoke both the feeling of isolation, and questions about the unknown private life of the resident.

See the complete series at: Todd Hido.

Water Drops by Heinz Maier

The life of water has long allured photographers; from the motion of a droplet, to its unbelievable fluidity (refer to Alberto Seveso‘s ink and water pieces). However, it is hard to match the striking work of Heinz Maier, a German photographer who employs macro photography and a specific DIY system to photograph the dyed drops he choreographs. The resulting stills of unusual, organic form, appear as graceful as fragile glass sculpture.

More at: Heinz Maier

Encyclopedia of Flowers

Makoto Azuma is an artist that works in the medium of plant life and flowers. His installations, where plant form is experimented, have been very well received in the art community. Additionally, his Tokyo shop, Jardin des Fleurs, where he stands as “haute couturier” of flowers, produces arrangements of variable scale and function. With Shunsuke Shiinoki behind the lens, Azuma has produced an extraordinary book, Encyclopedia of Flowers.

Don’t let the name fool you, this is no standard reference book with stock images, rather, a stunning visual guide to over two thousand species, indexed scientifically, and ordered into five sections: Whole, Flock, Coexistence, Hybrid, and Appearance. The composition and photography is outstanding, and in many cases, the richness of colour on the page is striking. Use of unexpected (or unknown) plants, with parts of the plant you don’t typically see integrated into the arrangement, make for fascinating visuals.

This remarkable “encyclopedia” is equally at home with a lover of nature, art, flowers, or photography; but by opening it up, you’ll certainly appreciate the combination of all of these aspects.

$85, available at Lars Müller Publishers

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